Argosy Wind Power Blocked From Selling Wind Turbines

Polaris America Wins Court Injunction

Former business partner created a new company and stole Polaris technology and design

LAKEWOOD, N.J. (March 23, 2013) – Polaris America, LLC, a manufacturer of innovative wind turbines, has been awarded a court injunction that prohibits Argosy Wind Power from selling wind turbines until November, 30, 2014. Polaris had filed a lawsuit claiming Argosy stole Polaris technology and design in order to manufacture wind turbines under the Argosy name. The ruling was handed down on February 19, 2013.

“We finally have justice,” said Christopher Filos, owner and proprietor of Polaris America. “The court rightfully ruled that they cannot steal our innovations and get away with it. We will vigorously defend this and pursue anyone who has a similar infraction against us.”

The founders of Argosy Wind Power were employees of Polaris America for a number of years. According to Filos, when they left Polaris to form Argosy Wind Power, they stole all of the technology and design that Polaris America had developed. Argosy even used the same website template and language that Polaris was using at the time.

Polaris America manufactures small wind turbines that provide the performance of larger turbines in a smaller package. Their innovative technology and engineering provides wind power solutions to homeowners, businesses, organizations and communities that are generally underserved by suppliers of large wind turbines.

Thanks to this court ruling, Argosy has been blocked from stealing the technology developed by Polaris and selling wind turbines. Polaris America retains its technology and design, and will continue to supply wind turbines to dealers around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom and Italy. Dealers interested in selling, installing and servicing Polaris turbine product lines should visit

About Polaris America

Polaris America, LLC engineers and manufactures wind turbines that address the needs of homeowners, businesses, schools and universities, governmental institutions and other applications that are often overlooked by larger wind turbine suppliers. With exclusive technology and industry-best power-to-weight ratio, Polaris America Turbines are built for simplicity and versatility. Polaris has offices around the globe to serve clients worldwide, especially in the United States, the United Kingdom and Italy. For more information, visit