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About Us

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Seizing the need for a community sized wind turbine Polaris America has turned our engineering and manufacturing capabilities loose on a whole class of innovative wind turbine designs that feature exclusive technologies and superior engineering.

We are facing an uncertain energy future. With volatile fuel and electrical costs, people are no longer taking for granted where their power comes from and how rising energy costs will impact their towns, schools, and businesses. In case study after case study, the average cost of power over the lifetime of a wind turbine is dramatically lower than that of traditional sources of power. In short, the power you make is power you don’t have to pay for from other sources. With the production of wind turbines, we will help offset this uncertain energy future.

In communities around the world, people will see a new star when they look up in the sky.
And it’s as reliable as the wind itself.

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Addressing YOUR Needs

In introducing this new line of community wind turbines from 20kW to 100kW, Polaris America addresses the needs of home owners, businesses, schools and universities, governmental institutions and other applications that we feel have been overlooked by current large wind turbine suppliers.

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Wind power is now a mainstream option for electricity generation, an essential element of the solution to climate change and a cost-effective, domestic power source for our economy. According to AWEA (American Wind Energy Association) the U.S. wind energy industry continued new installations at a breakneck pace. The new installations place the U.S. on a trajectory to generate 20% of the nation’s electricity by 2030 from wind energy as long as the industry continues to garner long-term policy support.


Polaris turbines are manufactured in Lakewood, New Jersey.


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