Polaris Advantage

Polaris Advantage

Polaris Advantage – Wind Generators for Farms

Why we beat our competitor

  • Low cut in speed
  • 20 year rated lifespan
  • Redundant Failsafe Magnetic  braking System
  • Industry best power to weight ratio
  • Low operating noise level (50-55 db) at 100ft
  • Lightest generators available
  • Standard operational environmental conditions -25°C to 50°C (-13°F to 122°F)
  • High efficiency levels

Benefits of purchasing a Polaris Wind Turbine

  • Generate power faster
  • Superior Performance
  • Easy to transport and install
  • Built to last
  • Faster ROI

Our Advanced PM

When the generator is operating and producing electricity, it produces heat. As the heat increases, generator efficiencies decrease. To solve this problem, our generators include an air cooling system. This drastically reduces the associated wear that high-temperatures can cause, and thus improves the life-span of our generators.

 Competitive Comparison

Cut in Speed  2.7m/s 3 to 3.5m/s
Rated Wind Speed 9 to 11m/s 11 to 13.8m/s
Low Wind Speed Option (9m/s) YES NO
Permanent Magnet System YES NO
Ultra Efficient YES NO
US Military Grade YES NO
Power to Weight Ratio HIGH LOW
Braking System (Ultra Quiet) REGENATIVE/RESISTIVE Disc Brake

Key Advantages


Our turbines operate using a technology that is not only innovative but has reduced the price point on our systems to ensure a faster return on investment to the end user.


State of the art systems equipped with rugged generators ensure that turbines operate in even the harshest of conditions. All electronics are mounted, pre-wired and pre-tested in NEMA rated 3R cabient prior to shipment saving installation/start up time.


The form factor design of our generators allows for installation ease, thereby minimizing upfront costs and minimizing your environmental footprint.


With the lowest cut-in speed in the industry, electricity is produced sooner and more efficiently.


With our PM generator, cogging problems are completely eliminated as the technology has no core on the stator coil, thereby minimizing down time and reducing maintenance costs over the life of the system.