50kW Fixed Pitch

50kW Fixed Pitch

50kW Wind Turbines Power Curve

A 50kW wind turbine produces enough energy to power a small US neighborhood. These devices are also intended for agricultural and light industrial applications. It has also been used for years in remote village applications, where diesel power systems supply electricity for a small grid.  Click on the thumbnail to the right to view the Power Curve chart

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Specification Chart

Parameter Value Unit of Measurement
Rated Power 50 kW
Rotor Diameter 15.2 (49.9) m (ft)
Rated Wind Speed 12.0 (26.8) m/s (mph)
Cut-In Speed 2.7 (6.0) m/s (mph)
Cut-Out Speed 25 (55.9) m/s (mph)
Survival Speed 59 (132) m/s (mph)
Operational RPM 68 rpm
Weight 6,443 (14,200) Kg (lb)
Std. Operating Temp. -25 to 50 (-13 to122) °C (°F)

General Specifications – General Turbine Design Features

General Configuration Description
Type Horizontal Axis, Upwind
Design Class IEC Class II  (air density 1.225 kg/m3, average wind below 8.5m/s, 50-yr peak gust below 59.5m/s)
Design Life 20 Years
Drive Train Description
Generator Type Permanent Magnet (PM)
Type Direct Drive
Speed Regulation Description
Generator Torque Control from Drive (VFD)
Yaw System Description
Controls Active, Electromechanically driven with the wind direction / speed sensors and automatic cable unwind
Control/Electrical Description
Mounting Off Nacelle / Mounted, wired, tested and programmed in NEMA 3R rated enclosure
Compliant UL 1741, IEEE 1547
Power Converter  VFD (Variable Frequency Drives)
Braking Systems Description
Emergency Back Up Speed Regulation Regenative Brake
Loss of Grid Power / DC Bus Overvoltage Dynamic Resistive Brake
Emergency Shutdown / Parking Redundant Magnetic Failsafe Brake
Tower Description
Mono Pole / Tubular Sectional / Flanged
21M, 30M, 36M,42M, 50M
Environmental Standards Description
Temperature Range -25°C to 50°C (-13°F to 122°F) – Standard