Wind Turbine Financial Info | Tax Credits, Depreciation, Leasing


Tax Credits & Depreciation

With the passage of the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009,” the United States Government put in place two great incentives that directly and positively impact the Polaris Wind Turbine projects all around the country. The “Small wind ITC” and “Bonus Depreciation”

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Economics of Community Wind

We are facing an uncertain energy future. With volatile fuel and electrical costs, people are no longer taking for granted where their power comes from and how rising energy costs will impact their towns, schools, and businesses. In case study after case study, the average cost of power over the lifetime of a wind turbine is dramatically lower than that of traditional sources of power. In short, the power you make is power you don’t have to pay for from other sources.

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In an effort to help our dealers and potential customers, Polaris is offering offering financing for all wind turbine projects. Financing covers the total installed cost of the unit, minus any federal or state grant money.

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