Economic Benefits of Owning a Wind Turbine/Wind Generator

Economics of Community Wind

We are facing an uncertain energy future. With volatile fuel and electrical costs, people are no longer taking for granted where their power comes from and how rising energy costs will impact their towns, schools, and businesses. In case study after case study, the average cost of power over the lifetime of a wind turbine is dramatically lower than that of traditional sources of power. In short, the power you make is power you don’t have to pay for from other sources.

Power produced locally = Utility costs saved

Now is the time to realize the economic benefits of owning a Polaris America Wind Turbine:

  • Federal and local grants and incentives make wind power work for you. Net metering, local grants, and tax incentives are making wind turbine projects accessible across the country – even “break even” projects are becoming economic imperatives.
  • Even in modest wind regimes, wind turbines tend to produce more power than other renewable energy sources. Polaris Wind Turbines are optimized for low wind speeds. It will produce the rated kW hours even in the most modest wind conditions.
  • Over the life of a wind turbine, your proposed project will almost always pay for itself. In some cases it takes only several years to realize a payback for your Polaris Wind Turbine – after you do, you have years of free power to look forward to.
  • A boost to your local economy. Local wind projects bring high-value jobs to your community from contractors to engineering services.