Residential Wind Turbines

Residential Wind Turbines 101

When most of us think about wind turbines, we think about giant windmill-like mechanisms spread out over acres and acres of farmland. However, more and more communities and individual homeowners are using residential wind turbines to lower utility costs without using up natural resources or polluting the air. In fact, many view a residential wind turbine as a retirement investment that raises the value of their home and protects against utility rate increases.

Here are some basic facts about residential wind turbines that you should know:

  • A residential wind turbine typically lowers a home’s utility bill by 50-90 percent, according to
  • The turbine output is fed into a home’s electrical panel and made compatible with the utility. As wind increases, the wind turbine output increases, and the amount of power purchased from the utility decreases. If your residential wind turbine produces more energy than your home needs, the extra electricity is sold to the utility.
  • According the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), residential wind turbines generally aren’t cost-effective unless wind speeds are at least 10 miles per hour at 33 feet above ground level, depending on obstructions on or around the property (trees, hills, buildings, bridges, etc.). The higher it is, the more electricity it produces, and the sooner you recoup your investment.
  • Determining whether or not a residential wind turbine is economically advantageous is based on three key factors: average wind speed, available rebates and tax credits, and electricity costs. However, residential wind turbines have been installed in all 50 states.
  • No rewiring is required when a residential wind turbine is installed, and it won’t interfere with TV reception. There is minimal noise when the turbine is working, but the vast majority of homeowners don’t find it objectionable.
  • States and municipalities have regulations regarding residential wind turbines, and proper permitting is required.

Contact us to find out if a residential wind turbine is a sound investment for you and your family.

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