Wind Power Benefits | Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards

Wind Power Benefits

There are numerous wind power benefits. Depending on your specific wind project, some if not all may apply to you:

  • Lower overhead: See your electrical costs drop the second your blades start spinning. These savings coupled with state or federal incentive programs can offset your capital costs in several years – allowing you to put more of your profits back onto your operations.
  • Energy independence: In addition to the products and services you already offer, you can also produce electricity and take control of your own energy future.
  • The “greening” of business: Even a company that is not environmental in nature is valued by discerning consumers who put a premium on sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices.
  • Tax advantages: Between the federal investment tax credit and grant program and the rules for claiming depreciation on wind turbines, an investment in wind power today translates to real benefits that you can apply to your bottom line or operating budgets.
  • Stable cost of power: You’ll know what your wind-powered electricity costs will be for 20 years or more so you can safeguard yourself against the volatile and increasing costs of energy.
  • Educational opportunities: Having a turbine in your backyard – and even the process of planning for it – adds an experiential dimension to your school’s science, math, and civic classes. What better way to train the technicians, engineers, and leaders of tomorrow?
  • Green economy: Your wind turbine project – and each new installation it fosters – will bring high-value jobs to your community.
  • Marketing opportunities: Whether your business has been around for five years or 50, your Polaris Wind Turbine will bring high visibility and a renewed sense of interest in your products and services.

Meeting RPS goals: Many local governments have enacted Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards to lead their communities into a greener world. When a town erects a community-scale wind turbine, it makes a marked impact on RPS goals and acts as a visible sign of the town’s commitment to clean energy.