Permanent Magnet (PM) Technology | Wind Turbines | Wind Generators

Permanent Magnets

We deliver technology to make wind power generation more efficient. The new Polaris wind turbines will incorporate Permanent Magnet (PM) technology which achieves more efficient wind power generation and is able to produce more power at lower wind speeds due to its coreless technology. The ability of Polaris generators to eliminate traditional cogging issues makes it the ideal candidate for wind turbine applications. This new technology eliminates the need for a gearbox to be used as part of the wind turbine drive train thereby minimizing down time and reducing maintenance costs over the life of the system.

In PM generators, a coil is wrapped around a specially designed disc at the centre axis. Magnetic discs then rotate on the sides of the coiled disc and generate electricity. This kind of power generating technology is therefore ideal for wind power generation because its initial operation torque (cut-in speed) is lower.

Generator Advantages

  • Neodymium, Iron, Boron (Nd-Fe-B) sintered permanent magnets specifically selected according to the application requirements
  • High Specific Power
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Start Up Torque
  • Minimum Torque Ripple
  • Virtually Maintenance free
  • Built to IEC 60034-1 Standards