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Polaris America Turbines are exceptionally versatile and can be configured to fit an array of applications. With industry best power to weight ratio, turbine design strives for simplicity. From 20 kW to 100 kW Polaris has a size to fit your requirements with proven technology that delivers the next generation of wind power needed for diverse energy applications.

Polaris turbines are American made in central New Jersey. Our commitment to quality means that our equipment is built to last. Our industry leading specifications, rugged yet light weight designs and dedication to innovation guarantee our customers purchase the top of the line.

why wind

Why Wind?

Never before have there been so many exciting and compelling reasons to invest in wind energy. The reality of a changing energy landscape has created the impetus to start thinking…

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Buy Direct

Buy Direct

Not all properties are suitable for a wind energy project. Our Wind assesment is the initial step in determining the economic viability of your project by analyzing the property size, budget…

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Wind Aerodynamics

Turbine Aerodynamics

Unlike the old-fashioned Dutch windmill design, which relied mostly on the wind’s force to push the blades into motion, modern turbines use more sophisticated aerodynamic principles…

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Watts Installed to date: 2,900,000