Wind Turbine Tower Technology | High Strength | Extreme Load

Tower Technology

Polaris manufactures some of its own turbine towers. Our vast experience in developing high strength machined parts for extreme load conditions allows us to craft this crucial component of a turbine.

  • All Towers are Mono Pole tubular steel – flanged / sectional
  • Flanges can be mounted inside of tower for the optimum look.
  • Complete wiring harness from nacelle to electrical control panel that is located at the bottom of the tower included
  • Towers are Zinc primed and finished painted with White Urethane Paint for endurance
  • Turbine mounting hardware is supplied with all towers supplied with Polaris supplied turbines.
  • Foundation mounting with foundation anchor cage is also optional from Polaris.

Tower Image Gallery

Wind Turbine Tower
Wind Turbine Tower
Wind Turbine Tower
Wind Turbine Tower