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Power Electronics

After an intense engineering and industry requirements review, Polaris has chosen to design our Power electronics with the latest variable frequency drives available in the market today. These VFD are used to control our generator and invert power. Designed for both Single and 3 phase applications.

  • Each VFD includes a generator side inverter and a grid side converter (Active Front End/Power Supply).
  • Generator begins generating power to the network as soon as the generator begins to spin. Power generation begins at a much lower blade speed than equivalent inverter technology.
  • Full Regenerative braking drives with safe shut down for over wind conditions.
  • The VFD has 95.5% efficiency at full power.
  • Low current THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) typically 5% or less at full power.
  • All VFD full Regenerative braking drives and Power Supply (AFE) provides a .99 power factor.
  • CANbus and Ethernet communications are used for Control and Communications to Polaris Network.
  • NO… power converter is needed for all single phase applications these VFD’s will allow three phase power to be converted back to single phase power for grid tie in.


All power electronics are mounted, pre-wire, programmed and tested in NEMA rated 3R enclosures for indoor/outdoor placement. All come standard with Air Conditioning units.